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Let me tell you a story.

Better yet, let me tell your story.


Ever since I can remember, I've been intensely curious about people and places. When I was a kid, I had more than 100 pen pals from all over the world. Whenever I meet someone new, I can’t help but interrogate them about their lives. Those who know me were none too surprised when it became clear that I was going to make a living out of asking probing questions—it was either going to be journalist or therapist. (And honestly, I still haven’t ruled out an MFT.)

So I went and got myself a fancy journalism degree, then notched upwards of 15 years of writing and editing experience, cutting my teeth as an editor at the Los Angeles Times. Today, I’m a versatile storyteller in a variety of media: print, web, radio, and television. I do everything from crafting old-fashioned newsstand cover stories to cranking out sharp digital copy that lands my clients on Google’s front page. (And yes, I’ve got the skills: SEO! Analytics! Meta copy! And more.) 


My editorial packages get national media attention, including from the New York Times, The Atlantic, Time, NPR, CNN, and MTV, and I’m frequently a spokesperson for my pieces and publications. I also develop blogs and e-newsletters for huge audiences, increase readership via SEO and social media, compose privately commissioned biographies, and mentor young journalists. My latest mission, inspired by my book-obsessed first-grader, is writing children's books. I’ve got a sparkly manuscript ready for market, and a few others in various phases of completion.


It all remains in the service of the same basic thing: Telling good stories. And making sure that good stories keep getting told. Stories are important. I’m sure you’ve got more than a few. So, please: Reach out. Let’s collaborate.

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