I'm grateful that my journalism and editorial projects have attracted widespread attention from major newspapers, magazines, and radio shows. And because of how long I’ve been covering the topics that I cover, I’m often interviewed as an expert in the news. Sometimes I’m asked to be a speaker at conferences and events. 


Need a lively guest for your podcast, radio show, or TV show? An insightful quote for an article you’re writing? Or an engaging, relatable speaker for your workshop or panel? I can discuss a wide range of topics, including anything that I write about, especially travel, green living, and other lifestyle topics. I can also speak intelligently about the state of journalism, how to freelance for a living, how to become a professional writer, parenting, education, and more. 


For all speaking and media inquiries, please contact me directly. 


News articles that quote or otherwise feature me have run all over. Click the links below to read some of the coverage. 




I’ve been a guest on some of my favorite radio shows and podcasts, many episodes of which are not archived online. Listen in on the few that are:




I’ve been a guest on a variety of TV shows, many episodes of which are not online. Here are a few that are:



I’m always honored to be asked to be a host, be a speaker, sit on a panel, or act as a judge. These are a few of my favorite live appearances:

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